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Thank you for your interest in becoming a prize sponsor for American Cornhole!

Are you an online retailer or company just looking for a unique way to share your product?

If so, American Cornhole has a great solution for you to promote your product and brand for only $150.00

Become a Season XI World Ranking Prize Sponsor

What are the details to becoming an ACO Prize Sponsor for Season XI World Rankings:

  • Investment $150.00 plus your product & shipping to American Cornhole. 
  • Decide how many different prizes or the same prizes you want to submit and upload the details of each using our back end prize management system.
  • Choose where your product will be displayed online under one of five divisions within the ACO World Rankings: World Singles, World Doubles, Seniors, Womens, Juniors
  • Your prize link will show up under our rankings and be positioned in the rankings based on retail value of product. The higher value your prize, the higher it will show up in the rankings.
  • There is a prize value minimum of $15.00 but there is not a limit on maximum value and or number of prize(s) a company can submit. The more prizes you place into the system, the more exposure for you company
  • The rankings link will create a pop up window showcasing your product image, product description, product value, your company logo and a link to your website
  • Again you can submit multiple prizes, at various prize levels, and multiple types of prizes if you choose.
  • You are able to add prizes throughout the entire ACO Season XI from September 1, 2015 through May 1, 2016
  • Once a prize is submitted and posted online it can not be changed.

Who should promote?

  • Any company whose product is sold online or has retail outlets nationally
  • Automotive
  • Backyard
  • BBQ / Cooking
  • Camping
  • Electronics
  • Game
  • Outdoor
  • Tailgating
  • etc......

Our Demographics

  • 80% Male Ages 25-55
  • Our audience is primarily made up of: Cornhole Enthusiasts,Tailgaters, Campers and Backyard BBQ people
  • We have targeted segments like our Seniors Divison which is 55 years or older and primarily male, our Womens Divsion and our Juniors Division which is 17 years or younger and primarily male.


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Terms & Conditions

I agree to pay the one time $150.00 fee to become a Season XI World Rankings prize sponsor for American Cornhole which starts September 1, 2015 and ends July 2016 with the ACO World Championships of Cornhole
I understand that once I pay my $150.00 prize fee that I will be eligible to enter as many prizes into the ACO Season XI World Rankings prize system as I would choose. I also understand that I can continuing adding more prizes throughout the season.
I understand that the average prize must have a retail value of $15.00 or more
I understand that I have the ability to place my prize(s) into one of five divisions: World Singles, World Doubles, Seniors, Womens, Juniors
I understand that once I submit prizes, I must ship prizes to American Cornhole, LLC / 208 Locust Street / Milford, OH 45150.  
I understand that my prizes and company information will not go live on American Cornhole, LLC website until first the $150 is processed and received by American Cornhole. Then American Cornhole must receive the actual prize(s). Once the prize(s) are received they will be made live in the system.
I understand that the consumer is responsible for the shipping, handling and taxes associated with their prize winnings.  
I agree and understand each of the above statements as they are written.