TopGun20 - Refers to the top 20 teams in the ACO World Doubles Rankings.

Teams earning a position in the TopGun20 at the conclusion of the ACO Cornhole De Majo (May Regional) win a free Golden Ticket to the ACO World Championships and direct entry into the World Doubles Bracket, bypassing the RPI tournament. The TopGun20 will be seeded 1-20 in the World Doubles Bracket.

The team finishing the season ranked#1 in the ACO World Doubles Rankings will be named "Team of the Season."

Rank Member State Action
1 Dennis, Daymon & Haydon, Philip KY
2 Holland, Brett & Jones, Ken CA
3 Davis, Erick & Davis, Robbie NC
4 Guy, Bret & Guy, Matt KY
5 Mathis, Terry & Shepherd Sr., Jeff IN
6 Love, Chuckie & Reynolds, Jeff OH
7 Schaffer Sr, Mike & Uhrig, Rex OH
8 Woodall, David & Woodall, Jake KY
9 Bernacet, Steven & Villareal, Mike IN
10 Anderson, Kyle & Tucker, Brad IL & KY
11 Funk, Russ & Haag, Darrell OH
12 Gregory, Kerry & Smothers, Mark TN & KY
13 Williams, Jr. & Williams, Tammy VA
14 Blair, Keith & Zocklein, Eric KY
15 Posey, Dennis & Wiley, Ted OH
16 Gorski, Tom & Stelter, Gary IL
17 Fulton, Thomas & Gushard, Ray MI
18 Brandle, Austin & Gregory, Tracy KY
19 Seals, Danny & Vonch, Bob IN
20 Johnson, Randy & Miller, Tj IN