The CornyForty - Refers to the top 40 players in the ACO World Single Rankings.

Players earning a position in the Corny 40 at the conclusion of the ACO Cornhole De Majo (May Regional) win a free Golden Ticket to the ACO World Championships and direct entry into the World Singles bracket, bypassing the RPI tournament. The CornyForty will be seeded 1-40 in the World Singles Bracket.

The player finishing the season ranked#1 in the ACO World Singles Rankings will be named "Player of the Season."

Rank Member State Action
1 Erick Davis NC
2 Matt Guy KY
3 Terry Mathis IN
4 David Morse IL
5 Brian Jones IL
6 Chuckie Love OH
7 Drew Brown GA
8 Josh Holland NC
9 Daymon Dennis KY
10 Eric Zocklein KY
11 Ken Jones CA
12 Brett Holland CA
14 Philip Haydon KY
15 Mike Schaffer OH
16 Mike Villarreal IN
17 Bret Guy KY
18 Mike Arrington Sr. NC
19 Jake Woodall KY
20 Jeff Reynolds OH
21 Tom Gorski IL
23 Steven Ochoa MI
25 Branden Davis NC
26 Dennis Posey OH
27 Josh Lunsford KY
28 Noah Wooten GA
30 Mike Jacques MI
31 Tanner Halbert FL
32 Ryan Windsor IL
34 Bob Vonch IN
35 Carl Stenger MO
36 Mark Smothers KY
37 James Holland NC
38 Dave Sutton MO
40 Keith Blair KY